Please check before ordering; the dimensions of palletised goods and of the vehicles transporting them, as we cannot be held liable for non-delivery related to access or safety implications. If in doubt, measure up.

Should you request that the delivery vehicle leaves the public highway to make the delivery, it is your responsibility to ensure that the access is suitable for a heavy vehicle. Neither the company nor the carrier can be held responsible or liable for any damages to property during delivery arising because of unsuitable access.

Goods will be delivered via tail-lift offload only, with a manual pallet truck. Delivery charge will vary according to postcode.

It is imperative that your delivery address will allow loads to be delivered to a flat and solid surface (not gravelled or sloped). You will also need to ensure there is appropriate access space for the delivery vehicle itself (see below).

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Deliveries offloaded onto a flat hard ground only

Specialist in the supply of Garden and landscape

Including Garden and landscape gravels, decorative aggregates, pebbles & cobbles, slates & chippings, we also supply rock salt, marine salt, children’s play area sand and lots more to private and trade customers nationally

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Frequently Asked Questions..

Does the price include VAT?2019-06-20T15:16:56+00:00

Yes, the checkout price does include vat.

When will I receive my order?2019-10-25T09:38:50+00:00

All orders placed before 11am are eligible for 48hr delivery. Please allow an extra day for delivery if your order was placed after 11am.  Please bear in mind we do not operate on weekends so all orders are processed between Monday and Friday. The courier operate on an all day delivery service between 8am – 6pm. If you are ever unsure please contact us on 0845 293 8494 or email info@aggregatesdirect.co.uk.

How is material delivered?2019-10-25T09:39:21+00:00

All bagged material is delivered on a 20 tonne vehicle at the kerb-side using a tail lift offload. Unfortunately we are not currently able to offer any other types of delivery. Please ensure you have a flat, hard surface, away from the roadside for the driver to offload. For access and delivery restrictions please see our Aggregates Delivery page. Please be aware that if your road or driveway is on an incline or decline this may cause issues for the tail lift and pallet truck offload. The driver will not be able to get the pallet truck onto a gravel driveway.

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